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Support and feedback for PitchLab chromatic tuner. For one-to-one technical support, please email pitchlabapp@gmail.com.
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Is there a version of this ap for IOS 6 (erlier generation of iPod Touch)?

I have a 4th or 5th gen iPod Touch, can this ap work for me somehow? I cannot upgrade to IOS 7 or I would! Thx. Joey
Response from the site administrator
pitchlab, 10.11.2014
Hi Joey, the app was recently updated to make iOS 7 the minimum supported OS version because that's now the minimum version allowed for a new iTunes store submission.

That said, before I updated my last remaining iOS 6 device to iOS 8, I did install PitchLab via iTunes and it actually downloaded the last iOS 6 compatible version so I'm surprised you can't install the app at all on iOS 6.

Can you please email pitchlabapp@gmail.com to discus the issue in more detail?

Joey, 10.11.2014, 16:22
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Please update for iPhone 6plus.

The plab screen is cut off on the iPhone 6+. Purchased the full suite recently and now I can't use it. Please help.
Response from the site administrator
pitchlab, 17.10.2014
Hi Bev, an update which hopefully fixes this issue was submitted to the iTunes store on Sunday (12th October). It usually takes around 7 days for an update to go through Apple's approval process so with a bit of luck you should get a working fix sometime after this Sunday (18th). However, it can take a week or so longer to go through approval, it just depends on how busy Apple is.
Bev, 17.10.2014, 02:50