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Is there a version of this ap for IOS 6 (erlier generation of iPod Touch)?

I have a 4th or 5th gen iPod Touch, can this ap work for me somehow?
I cannot upgrade to IOS 7 or I would!


Joey , 10.11.2014, 16:22

how to add this app to ipod

i dont knw hw to add this my apple ipod

thak, 14.12.2014, 04:22
Response from the site administrator
pitchlab, 10.11.2014
Hi Joey, the app was recently updated to make iOS 7 the minimum supported OS version because that's now the minimum version allowed for a new iTunes store submission.

That said, before I updated my last remaining iOS 6 device to iOS 8, I did install PitchLab via iTunes and it actually downloaded the last iOS 6 compatible version so I'm surprised you can't install the app at all on iOS 6.

Can you please email pitchlabapp@gmail.com to discus the issue in more detail?

Idea status: under consideration


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